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Welcome To The Lost Penguins

Camping with The Lost Penguins is a wonderful way to experience Burning Man.  We are an organized, caring and communicative flock where everyone participates in meal prep, hospitality services, and camp maintenance to co-create a fun and supportive community environment. 




To become a Penguin you must be sponsored by a current member and confirmed membership.

Once you are already a confirmed Penguin (Ark Ark!) See below for more information.

First Things First

1. Whether this is your first or thirtieth burn, brush up on the 10 principles of Burning Man

2. Read The Lost Penguins BERG guide to learn what to expect from the camp and what's expected of you

3. E-mail and ask how to join for this year! If you need a sponsor (past Penguin) please let us know. The more information you provide about your background and why you would like to be a Penguin, the faster your request can be processed.

  1. Dues are $340USD per Penguin,

  2. Camp membership is capped at 120

  3. Registration is first come, first served until we hit the limit

  4. You don't need a ticket to Burning Man to register for The Lost Penguins, but you are responsible for locating your own ticket.

  5. Camp dues are refundable until August 1st - if you have not found a ticket by this point

  6. Veteran Penguins may sponsor up to two new Penguins. If you need additional sponsors, please contact and we can help!

  7. If you sponsor someone, it means you are vouching for the sponsored Penguin. You will be expected to cover any shifts they may miss, and you will be part of any conversations with the camp if difficult decisions need to be made.

  8. Please ensure that the e-mail you register with is the same mail you will use until the Burn, and that you check it frequently

  9. If you don't complete the registration process within a timely manner, your held place will be forfeit, as there are Penguins waiting behind you to get in! 

  10. All Penguins must help with build and/or tear down. More information is on the Membership Form and Shiftboard.

  11. Questions/Concerns/Arks/Special Requests .... please email

Important things to note

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