The Lost Penguins

Camping with The Lost Penguins is a wonderful way to experience Burning Man.  We are an organized, caring and communicative flock where everyone participates in meal prep, hospitality services, and camp maintenance to co-create a fun and supportive community environment.  2019 membership is capped at 110 intrepid and adventurous Penguins.



If you are already a confirmed Penguin (Ark Ark!) See below for more information.

  • Click on the link in the email and it will take you to Shiftboard.

  • Your old password from last year should still be active. If not, use the Forgot Password link to set up a new password. You will receive a new link at your email address. Follow those instructions. If you are a Newbie, click on the Registration link and follow those instructions.

  • Fill out your Profile Page.

  • Click on 'Calendar' (in the middle of the blue toolbar at the top of the page).

  • You will see the calendar with all available shifts in red. NOTE that you can click NEXT to see shifts on the last Sunday, Sept. 1st.

  • Pick your shifts (unless you have been told otherwise) chose:

1  Kitchen  Shift
2  Hospitality (Snow cones/Bar/Entertainment) Shifts
1  DPW (Ice or LNT) Shift
1  Interactivity Shift

**At least one of the four shifts must be a Pebble shift, which is clearly indicated in the shift title by a red flag indicator and PEBBLE in the shift title.  What is a Pebble Shift you might ask?  They are harder to fill shifts. And the Emperors this year thought that we all should do at least 1 of those shifts so that they were spread around.** 

Once you're done, email ( to indicate that you've signed up. I'll review and send your confirmation that you're now a 2019 Penguin. If you have any issues, there is also instruction on the 'News' page (Click on Opportunity then click on News).  You are not a member until you have gone through the whole process and received a confirmation note from me!

How to pick your shifts

  1. Dues are $260 each Penguin,

  2. Camp membership is capped at 110,

  3. Registration is generally first come, first served until we hit the limit, based on the number of confirmation emails from Kahuna,

  4. You don't need a ticket to Burning Man to register for The Lost Penguins,

  5. Camp dues may be refundable until August 8th,

  6. Veteran Penguins may sponsor 2 new Penguins. If you need additional sponsors, please contact me and we will work it out,

  7. If you sponsor someone, it means you are vouching for the sponsored Penguin, will help cover any shifts they may miss, and you will be part of any conversations with the camp,

  8. You won't be confirmed as a new penguin until your sponsor has also registered,

  9. We need to know emails of sponsors and sponsorees for the Membership Forms page - so please get these prior to signing up,

  10. It will also make for fewer mistakes, and speed up your registration process if you use one email for all Penguin business,

  11. Please try to be responsive to emails from me - thanks! 

  12. If you don't respond to requests within a day, you may be held in place in the queue, as there are Penguins waiting behind you to get in! 

  13. Check your junk box, and email Kahuna personally if you have questions or if something is wrong,

  14. Bitter End" – camp tear down.  All Penguins expected to assist with camp tear down.  

  15. Questions/Concerns/Arks/Special Requests .... please email directly for a "personal" response.

Important things to note