Jul 14

Two Tickets Available


Hey Sexy Penguins!


As I always say, "...sometimes the business of life gets in the way of our fun." As luck would two tickets are now available and two spots have opened in the Penguin Camp for these two tickets. If you know of anyone looking for tickets and will camp with the Penguins, please have them send me an email at Kahuna@thelostpenguins.org. Time is of the essence as we are on Playa in 38 days!



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  • I'm working on a little communications project of my own free will and am looking for some feedback to see what will best serve the community. 1) What forms of Communication did you use for Penguin communication pre-burn? Did you read the: A) Berg Guide? B) Kitchen Announcement? C) New website (Communication) announcement? D) Logistics/ Placement map of camp? Please give a little concise feedback in the form of the following sentences: I wish I knew.... I knew .... but forgot because... I didn’t know ..... because... If I had read the... it would have helped with... I did not read the announcements because... but could be encouraged by ... Any feedback will be helpful! Hope your decompression is going well.
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