Jul 21

Interactive art and Metamorphoses at TLP



The theme this year is Metamorphoses. To tie into the theme and bring interactive art to the Lost Penguin Cafe, we are sitting up a comfortable seating area around a table for discussion at the far end of the plounge. Metamorphoses is about the individual's experiences and cultures that allow self-reflection and perhaps transformation.


Penguins may join in and help lead the discussions, or it can be self-lead. Also, if you are in the cafe please check the area to make sure it still set up with chairs, table and paper and pens.


Some starter questions for self-reflection or group discussion will be posted. Please do not feel limited to these questions. Join others for a discussion or self-reflect.

On the table will be a roller of paper to write down answers, ideas, and/or thoughts on the theme and personal burning man experiences.


At the end of the week, the written record will be recorded to share with the Burning Man Org. The original paper will then be taken to the temple to be burned.


Hope you participate. The Lost Penguin Café is your home for the week, so please help us welcome our guests, and join in the discussions!