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The Lost Penguin

Chocolate Martini FUNdraiser

Welcome Penguins ARK ARK!

Below you’ll find two links to the event. 


THE STAGE button will take you to a scintillating and titillating variety show. 


KOYOTE’S BAR button will take you to our lounge space where you can chat in small groups, with DJ music and meet our surly bartender.


Festivities run from August 31st from 9pm EST - 11pm EST.

The Stage

Show will start at 9:30pm

Must have the latest version of Zoom installed on desktop or mobile.

To download Zoom, click here.

Koyote's Bar

Must have Chrome Browser installed on a Mac or PC Desktop or Laptop. Mobile Devices are not supported.

To download Chrome, click here.

Help support The Burning Man Organization by buying some Merchandise!

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